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Broad Application

Teach, Practice, Assess and Use

DecisionSim helps healthcare systems, medical education companies, professional societies, pharma/med device firms and academic institutions enhance and assess decision-making.

Assess current practice behavior, identify gaps, measure competency as well as support quality and performance improvement programs, advances in evidenced-based approaches and regulations and guidelines – all with one platform.

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Objective & Relevant

Relevant Outcomes Data, Effective Insights

DecisionSim helps educators objectively measure key decisions and metrics by collecting data on each learner’s interaction with the simulation – their decisions, the order of their choices and even the time taken to make the decision – based on your design.

Through this detailed data, educators gain relevant insights into the way their learners make decisions and their level of competency, as well as an understanding of potential gaps.

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Easy To Create

Your Design, Your Content

DecisionSim’s sophisticated platform allows educators to design simulations through a drag and drop storyboard interface, add their content and media, and then publish for both web and mobile use.

Educators have complete control over the design, content, flow and metrics within the simulation. By customizing the simulation to match the conditions and situations in which decisions will be made, you can improve the learner’s ability to understand, retain and apply knowledge while gaining relevant insights into their decisions.

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Better Decisions, Better Outcomes

A Proven Competency-Based Simulation Platform

Most traditional education approaches focus on increasing knowledge or comprehension. DecisionSim, however, is designed to enhance and assess decision-making skills, leading to more consistent and improved educational outcomes.

DecisionSim is a cost-effective, efficient and sophisticated solution that allows your organization to meet constantly evolving needs – all with one platform.

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Value to All Constituents


Comprehensive framework

Easily create and repurpose

Objective, relevant data


Short, focused activities

Situational learning

Personalized feedback


Improved outcomes

Measure and advance goals

Efficient and cost-effective

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